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    Ivaylo Petrov · 1 years ago
    I worked almost 12 years with Joomla and was always planning to move to Wordpress until I did... One of the templates was so slow, I couldn't figure out why. Then another one crashed, and I got so many crashes of the whole system. It was very easy to recover but I was very disappointed how many troubles I encountered... Yes, it is easier, it is nice, until everything crash and then you don't know what is wrong ... I would compare like windows and linux, when was the last time your linux crashed? It is possible, but it never happened to me, everyone use windows but it doesn't mean it is so great. People might encounter really bad surprises moving to Wordpress, and my joomla is just so reliable...
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    a305587 · 1 years ago
    The biggest issues I run into with Joomla are it’s much more difficult to train users how to use (it’s not intuitive to use at all), and it’s more difficult to update extensions & core without breaking the site.

    The updates often seem to crash the site or conflict with other extensions, which throws error codes on the site. This means my clients have to spend more money paying me to troubleshoot why they can’t update a site or extension. And in several cases the clients just have to leave their sites not updated because any attempts to update breaks everything (and they don’t want to spend the $ to have me troubleshoot).
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      Bo jangles · 1 years ago
      @a305587 Totally agree. On my side, since I use SP Page Builder, I try creating a minimal dashboard via acl for the clients. They can use front end edit for editing their pages etc but they always have to go back and forth if they want to add a new article. I also block access to Menus and Modules as there’s no reason for them to configure anything. I rename components to “manage” which makes it less scary for them. So in total, they have only articles, manage and Sp Page builder when the log in.

      So far all of my clients have adapted. The ones that can’t I just provide support.
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      Mat · 1 years ago
      @a305587 Interesting.

      I currently have around 80 Joomla Website and I never brake a Website with an upgrade during the last 2 years.

      Joomla 3 is way different than before. But you need to use decent extension.

      Pro template + Page Builder + Akeeba + JCE and you can build 90% of any Website you want.

      Then, you have the rest for any more complex Website.

      And if something really happen, usually, it’s very easy to fix it. Error message under Joomla are way better then the error 500 of WordPress.

      But as long your client are happy, guess there is no debate here.
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    Francisco Estrela · 1 years ago
    Any advice on what components or templates should I install? It's for a school project, no that much complex.
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    Johnz · 1 years ago
    I have an extension and I want to translate it into another language. How do I do that? Thanks!
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    David · 1 years ago
    JoomlaShine products are available for free on GitHub. So, anyone can download and use them for free (No license checking).
    - JSN Extension Framework 2: https://bit.ly/3SdO7od
    - JSN Extension Framework 1: https://bit.ly/3MJJnWt
    - JSN PageBuilder 4: https://bit.ly/3gmYclw
    - JSN PowerAdmin 2: https://bit.ly/3CO5VAK
    - JSN Uniform: https://bit.ly/3CR74r6

    Note: You need to download and install JSN Extension Framework before installing the others (Gen 2 for JSN PageBuilder4 and JSN PowerAdmin 2. Gen 1 for JSN Uniform).


    It is strongly recommended to backup your site, then install these packages in that backup for testing before installing them on the production sites.
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    Maz · 1 years ago
    Joomla 5 - What you need to know:https://bit.ly/3SZI7jA
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    Bo jangles · 1 years ago
    I have been a Joomla user since Mambo days. It has grown into something complex and structured and I am able to build a lot of functions with it. The reason I still use it is because the way it works and there are basic things that WP cannot do. Now with SP Page Builder from Joomshaper, it's even easier to manage content / Pages etc. The only issue I have with Joomla is it's media manager. It's not intuitive, still basic, but you can disable it and use Quantum manager.. The other thing is the lack of template designs. Most designs (especially headers are the same, Logo left -menu right - toolbar on top) with few epic designs in between compared to WP but then again, I use Helix framework so no need for this headache.
    Now Joomla 4 is out and I am skeptical with upgrading due to its backend interface and backwards compatibility which yet some devs are to embrace. The backend will confuse many users as well. Now, do I use WP ? Yes, but only for Ecommerce projects!!
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    Silent Lessons · 1 years ago
    been a fan of joomla since it was called mambo. I even feel guilty giving this comment about what I had loved soooo much. Joomla 4 destroyed a backend interafce which used to be clean. All in the name of trying to look like wordpress they introduced a backend which has Big things, everythig is big except the most important things. The layout logic is somewhat very confusing, even installing a template u have to start figuring out where to click. Worse still they decided to roll out Joomla 4 without a care at all for backward compatibility. Now most joomla sites r broken and you see the dreaded isadmin error everywhere. Seems joomla doesnt want to do anything about backward comaptility while rolling out. Today I part ways with this cms which I so much loved and cherished.
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    TwistedGaming · 1 years ago
    Lol im new to joomla / dummie I use to only code normal like old people but it doesn't feel so easy lol just want to code and it feels very imm how can I say stiff not vary flexible i cant do everything like i use to do with coding any help ? To make it bit more flexible?
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    لطيف للتعليم ال? · 1 years ago
    I'm using joomla for years now I'm planning to switch to WordPress becuase of security problems😂😂
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    Yiorgos · 1 years ago
    Here is a mini list with joomla benefits
    https://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=991500#p3650946 ( https://www.yiannistaos.com/blog/joomla-benefits )
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    Mark Carrara · 1 years ago
    I left WP when they abandoned being a CMS to become a page builder. Joomla is the closest thing to an old fashion CMS, and I am the rare person who started using Joomla.

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