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We accept payments by credit card through PayPal (no PayPal account needed).
If your subscription has expired, you can still use the extension on your site for as long as you like but you can no longer access the file for download or receive support or updates for the extension.
Yes, we have a money back program that refunds completely your payment, if it is asked for it up to 7 days after your subscription day. Although it is a money back program, we will need a valid reason to refund your payment.
You can install our extensions on as many sites as you want.
The best way to get help is to search for answers in our documentation. We are creating and maintaining resources that help you to help yourself. If you need additional assistance, you can go to the Forum and submit a question directly related to the extension you need help with.

We are available 8am - 5pm GMT+7 Timezone, Mon - Sat.
No. we develop Joomla extensions only, so it will not work on sites that do not use Joomla.

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