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Apple Sydney

367 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

3.8 5231 reviews
Dr. Jedidiah Fredrick Abisheg
Dr. Jedidiah Fredrick Abisheg 2 months ago
Great scenic place on George street right at the corner… the store is well equipped but had a long waiting time!!! They cater all your needs
Mal Curtis
Mal Curtis a month ago
Bought an Apple Watch here and it was a great experience. Nice job by Anna in helping us work out which watch and accessories to purchase and the software features. Anna was very patient and gave us plenty of time and had plenty of product knowledge. We didn’t have to wait long to be served.
Vince 6 months ago
Apple Store with magnificent design, spacious and well organised. Products are categorised floors and easy to search what you want. Workshops are held regularly in a spacious area with big screen and visitors can join on the spot. Staffs are very attentive and helpful.
JOEY Germani
JOEY Germani 2 months ago
I've been buying from Apple George Street for the last six months, and each time I've been assisted by Ceridwen. She's an incredible salesperson—so helpful and friendly. It's always a pleasure to receive her assistance.
Meraj Khan
Meraj Khan a week ago
The Apple Store is practically a tech wonderland where sleek design meets the ever-enthusiastic Genius staff, ready to dazzle you with their gadget wizardry. Stepping into the store, you're not just shopping; you're embarking on a high-tech adventure. It’s like Disneyland for your digital needs! The staff aren't just helpful—they’re practically walking encyclopedias of Apple lore, always ready to assist or dive deep into the specs of the latest device. Plus, it's not all just oohing and aahing at the newest iPhone; Apple throws in free seminars that are as informative as they are fun. These sessions cover everything from mastering your device to unleashing your creative potential with Apple software. It's like going back to school, but where you actually want to raise your hand and participate. With a vibe that’s always buzzing, visiting the Apple Store is an experience that’s both enlightening and enjoyable. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s the place to be for a good dose of gadgetry fun and some free knowledge thrown in the mix. Just try to walk out without wanting to buy something—that's the ultimate Apple test!
Hilary a week ago
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Have been here recently on two separate occasions: once to collect a new phone I ordered online and the second time was to charge my phone. Picking up my phone was a seamless experience and I had a nice, informative chat while my phone was charging.
trina steer
trina steer a month ago
We had the best experience in Sydney CBD Apple Store yesterday buying a new iPhone, plus fixing a glitch on an older phone. Joshua was the most supportive guy, extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful person. He fixed the problem in speed time, then found Laurence (pronounced Lauren) to help me purchase a new iPhone. Equally as wonderful to deal with, she was so helpful, knowledgeable and efficient, very patient. Can’t speak highly enough of both Joshua and Laurence. Such an absolute joy to deal with people who are so personable and helpful, really makes you feel up to have such a pleasant experience. This store definitely our ‘go to’ in future, even though it’s harder for us to get to, than another Apple Store. Big, big thank you; we had the best experience. Good luck to you both. Apple are very fortunate to have such wonderful staff.
Andre Marchand
Andre Marchand 3 months ago
After a forced software update, the transparency and noise canceling mode apparently no longer worked on thousands of AirPods Pro. In response, Apple has launched a global free exchange program for affected customers. My AirPod Pros were also affected. In normal mode they work fine, but with transparency or noise canceling modus, the right AirPod Pro produces a very unpleasant permanent noise while the left one continues to work fine. So I went to this Apple Store this morning to exchange my AirPods Pro. Of course, I had tried all sorts of things like resetting etc. beforehand and chatted with customer service for an hour. I was greeted warmly in the store, but then had to wait a long time, even though I had of course made a fixed appointment beforehand. A friendly employee explained to me that the right headphone might need to be replaced and that he had to take the headphones in for a final check. Again, I had to wait a long time and he did not come back. Instead, an unfriendly woman suddenly appeared and explained to me that not one, but both headphones had to be replaced. She ignored my question as to why the left earphone, which worked in all modes, had to be replaced with an arrogant look. She then told me that she would not replace my headphones free of charge (although it was not my fault that they no longer worked properly due to this forced software update). When I kindly pointed out that there was this free recall campaign, she reacted irritably saying my headphones were too old for that. I could now either have them both replaced immediately for AUD 130 each, i.e., a total of AUD 260, or buy new ones for AUD 399. Replacing just one or replacing them for free was absolutely impossible for her. In the end, she didn't say goodbye and I left the store after a disappointed hour.

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